Sport Events Set-up and Production


Real-world Events

We can assist you (fully or partially) with everything related with setting-up and production of your sport event.

Virtual Events

We make it easier for you to organize the virtual edition of your sport event, via Strava, Garmin Connect and Google Street View integration.

Guided Running Tours (SightRunning)

Discover Timisoara - Cultural Capital 2023 in an eco-friendly and active way or join us for a guided running tour in nature. All you have to do is to enjoy your run, the stories and the views; we take care of all the other details (itinerary, navigation, etc).

Real-world Events

assistance with creating the concept, routes and races

creating the Rules and Regulations

creating the paperwork needed in order to obtain the authorizations from all legal authorities

contact with external services providers (timing, ambulance, toilets, stage, sound, MC, warm-up, photo-video, etc.)

production of BIBs, t-shirts, medals, diplomas

scheduling (the week and day of the event)

volunteers (set-up, instruction)

hydration points

routes marking

road closures and management of special situations during the event

event-day paperwork

victory ceremony set-up

Guided Running Tours (SightRunning)

Sightrunning offers runners who travel for leisure or business a healthy, eco-friendly and unique way to discover Timisoara’s history and landmarks with an experienced local jogging partner at your side, who will not only show you the city but will also tell you the stories behind the things you’ll see.

Whether you are fast or slow or if you want to go for a long or a short run, and whether you are trying to squeeze in some marathon training or simply would like some unique tourist fun, we offer you an experience like no other. So, come exercise and visit the city altogether; we have the perfect route for you, at your own pace.

If you want to get away from the traffic jams and explore the streets to experience the city at a more intimate and personal level, put on your sneakers and let’s go for a run!

You decide on the departure time, meeting location (we can even fetch you from your hotel and finish the tour back there), route and running pace. Let us take care of the rest, so you can get a real feel of Timisoara.

We love running and love our home city – Timisoara. So let us share this love with you by taking you on a tour through or around our stunning city, combining the sightseeing with the enjoyment of running at a pace that you set; runners of all abilities are welcome! Whether it’s your first time visiting or you are a regular visitor, you’ll find that a running tour can not only keep you active during your trip, but also allow you to see things from a different perspective.

Hai să trăieşti bucuria simplă a alergării, fără să mai ai grija planificării sau a orientării în teren și să îţi reîncărcarci la maxim bateriile, ieșind dintre betoane și (re)conectându-te la natură, alergând la aer curat în spații deschise.

Această tură de alergare în aer liber oferă în primul rând o Experiență: alergarea în forma ei pură, departe de mașini, fără praf și fără poluare; oameni faini, atmosferă plăcută, mișcare de plăcere dar cu endorfine din belșug!

Îti oferim câteva ore în care te poți bucura de alergare fără să mai ai grija organizării turei sau a navigaţiei în teren; informațiile despre ceea ce vei vedea şi endorfinele sunt de asemenea incluse!

Virtual Events

we offer you the automated import of data from two (for now) of the most used fitness platforms in Romania: Strava and Garmin Connect

you’ll be able to receive directly into your website the details of activities recorded with one of these two platforms (distance, time, activity link, route, etc.)

easy and pleasant experience for participants, as they won’t have to fill anything by hand

tables updated in real-time, as data will be available on your web-site as soon as they’ll be saved by participants on the respective platforms